A guide on How to fix a garage door sensor

A garage door opener comes equipped with a garage door sensor, which is a small but essential safety device. Often, homeowners and property owners overlook garage door sensors until something goes wrong. We outline the problems that can arise with these devices in our article. Additionally, we will discuss how to troubleshoot faulty garage door sensors.

The Purpose of Garage Door Sensors

When the garage door closes, the garage door sensor, also known as a photo-eye, ensures that nothing is blocking the way. In order for these detectors to work, their infrared beams must maintain a visual link through their photo eyes. If the ray is interrupted, the garage door reverses, opening instead of closing.

What causes a garage door sensor to stop working?

  • Objects block the path of the sensor
  • A power supply problem affects the sensors
  • On one of the sensors, the LED lights don’t light up
  • You need to clean the lens of the sensor due to:
  • Pollution
  • Car exhaust
  • Dirt
  • Spider webs
  • They were wet enough to damage your sensors
  • The sensors are not aligned correctly. When the sensors are aligned correctly, their LED lights should be on.
  • Sensors will wear out over time, especially if they have been installed for a long period of time.

How to Fix Garage Door Sensors?

  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the photo eyes; remove it.
  • Check to see if there are loose or broken connections around the sensor and if other parts of the garage receive power.
  • If an inadequate power supply is causing the problem, check the electrical connections within the box. Take extra precautions by turning off your breakers.
  • Call a professional garage door repair service, such as Garage Door Repair Wilsonville, if you are unsure about the wires
  • Wipe the lenses down with a soft, dry, and clean cloth.
  • Ensure that their alignment is correct and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that they face each other.
  • Whenever you notice moisture on the sensor, let it dry before opening the door.

When DIY solutions do not resolve the problem, consult an expert at Garage Door Repair Wilsonville. With this method, you can determine if you need to make more substantial repairs or replace parts.

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